• 3 CISCO 7500 series routers
  • 2 CISCO 2500 series routers
1 INTEL Express 510T Switch
  • 1 FDDI Concentrator
  • 1 AT&T StarLAN 10 Network Hub
Wireless access points and PC cards:
  • 2 ORiNOCO AP-1000 Access Point
  • 5 ORiNOCO PC Card (Gold Card)
  • 3 Sun SPARC stations (Solaris 8)
  • 2 Dell OptiPlex GXi (FreeBSD)
  • 1 IBM RS/6000 (AIX)


The routers are equipped with the following interfaces
Cisco 7500 1 HSSI and 16 FSI
Cisco 7500 1 HSSI and 16 FSI
Cisco 7500 24 FSI

In a DCE interface the rate can be set up using the command "clockrate" and the possible range is (bps): 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400, 56000, 64000, 72000, 125000, 148000, 500000, 800000, 1000000, 1300000, 2000000, or 4000000.

The serial ports use DB60 female connectors. Cisco cable CAB-V35MT converts this to a Male DTE V35 connector, while CAB-V35FC converts to a Female DCE V35 connector. One of each with the V35 ends connected together will allow you to build a back-to-back cable, but it costs about $200 from Cisco. Some vendors build a a special back-to-back cable that is a lot less expensive. There is a vendor that sells these cables in both 6FT and 3FT lengths. The 6FT length cables are $35 each. Here is the relevent info below. If you want more info on these serial connections, you can read the section of my masters degree project on wiring and cabling at There is also detailed explanation here how to configure some of the Cisco serial ports to emulate a frame-relay WAN that will allow you to create PVCs in software to interconnect the routers.

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P.O. Box 3008
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Cisco Cross/Over Serial Cable 60pin M-M 6 FT
Great deal on a Cisco Cross/over Serial Cable style
HDB 60M to HDB 60M 6 FT. in length Router Cable.
Router-to-Router DB60 [DTE] / DB60 [DCE] protocol
used to connect two Cisco routers via the synchronous
serial ports. Excellent for CCIE/CCNP/CCNA lab set
Primary / Source connector: DB60 Male
Secondary/Device Connector: DB60 Male
Cable environment: Router
Cable style: Serial

Cisco Serial Crossover Cables DB60M-DB60M 6FT
$34.95 each

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