PhD Alumni

Student Dissertation Title Advisor Current affiliation

June 2002 through May 2003

Jiang, Wenyu Schulzrinne Columbia University
Gomez-Castellanos, Javier Energy-Efficient Routing and Control Mechanisms for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Campbell National University of Mexico
Liao, Raymond R.-F. Dynamic Bandwidth Management for Internet and its Wireless Extensions Campbell Siemens

June 2001 through May 2002

Nandikesan, Mahesan On the Foundation of Network Programability Lazar
Pan, Ping Scalable Resource Reservation Signaling in the Internet Schulzrinne Ciena Networks
Papadopouli, Maria Resource Sharing in Mobile Wireless Networks Schulzrinne Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

June 2000 through May 2001

Rosenberg, Jonathan Distributed Algorithms and Protocols for Scalable Internet Telephony Schulzrinne dynamicsoft (Chief Scientist)
Wang, Xin Scalable Network Architectures and Measurements for Multicast and Adaptive QoS Schulzrinne Bell Labs

June 1999 through May 2000

Valko, Andras G. Design and Analysis of Cellular Mobile Data Networks Campbell Ericsson Research
Aurrecoechea, Cristina Modeling Service Management for Programmable Architectures Lazar RHK
Bocheck, Paul Content-Based Video Communication: Methodology and Application Meadows and Chang
Bouillet, Eric Designing Multipoint Logically Switched Optical Networks Stern
Huard, Jean-Francois A Programmable Architecture for Object-to-Object Communications with Quality-of-Service Guarantees Lazar Netuitive, The QoS Group, LLC (part time)

June 1998 through May 1999

Antoniades, Neophytos Determining and Extending the Reach of Multiwavelength Optical Networks Stern
Ellinas, Georgios Fault Restoration in Optical Networks:General Methodology and Implementation Stern
Epstein, Bracha Resource Allocation Algorithms for Multi-Class Wireless Networks Schwartz
Jacobs, Steven Media and Protocols for Multimedia Communication of Disparate Networks Eleftheriadis
Semret, Nemo Market Mechanisms for Network Resource Sharing Lazar Invisible Hand Networks, Inc
Huang, Huayan ("Amy") Wired/Wireless Networks - Multicast Flow and Congestion Control Over Combined Schwartz Symbol Technologies

June 1997 through May 1998

Chan, Mun Choon Architecting the Control Infrastructure of Multimedia Networks Lazar Bell Labs
Zamora, Javier Video-On-Demand Systems and Broadband Networks: Quality of Services Issues Anastassiou

June 1996 through May 1997

Jelenkovic, Predrag R. The Effect of Multiple Time Scales and Subexponentiality on the Behavior of Broadband Network Multiplexer Lazar Columbia University
Katzela, Irene Fault Diagnosis in Telecommunication Networks Schwartz Lucent (Toronto)
Sairamush, Jakka Economic Paradigm for Information Systems and Networks Yemini

June 1995 through May 1996

Aneroussis, Nikolaos G. Managing Virtual Circuit and Virtual Path Services on ATM Networks with Quality of Service Guarantees Lazar
Chang, Paul A Connection-Oriented Work-Conserving Packet Scheduling Architecture for BISDN Lazar
Eleftheriadis, Alexandros Dynamic Rate Shaping of Compressed Digital Video Anastassiou Columbia University
Jagannath, Shantigram Scalable Architecture for Optical Networks Acampora
Korilis, Ioannis A. Architecting Non-Cooperative Networks Lazar Dept. of Systems Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania (professor)
Pejhan, Sassan Protocols for Multipoint, Multimedia Communications Anastassiou
Pendarakis, Dimitrios E. On the Trade-off between Transport and Signalling in Broadband Networks Lazar Tellium
Ryu, Bong Modeling, Analysis, Generation and Implications of Fractal Traffic in High-Speed Networks Meadows
Yen, Chinching Text Recognition in the Framework of Hidden Markov Models Meadows

June 1994 through May 1995

Bogdan, Alexandru Image coding Using Iterative Transformations with Applications to Image Communication Meadows
Jiang, Song Lightwave Network Design:the Optical Multicast Approach Stern
Jiang, Wey-Wen A System for Intelligent Document Image Analysis, Recognition and Storage Meadows
Matragi, Wassim Jitter Analysis in ATM Networks Stern
Naghshineh, Mamoud Distributed Control of Wireless/Mobile Networks Acampora IBM T. J. Watson
Nguyen, Mai-huong A Conference Control and Management Protocol Schwartz Lucent
Shi, Hong Design, Analysis and Optiization of Broadband ATM Switches Implemented in VLSI Wing
Shroff, Ness Traffic Modeling and Analysis in High Speed ATM Networks Schwartz Associate Professor, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue

June 1993 through May 1994

Chen, Dan Modeling of Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifiers and Their Applications Teich
Elby, Stuart A Distributed Wavelength-based Cell Switching Optical Multiple Access Network Architecture Acampora
Hyman, Jay M. Real-Time Scheduling and Admission Control in Broadband Networks Lazar Lehman Brothers, Tel Aviv.
Kelekar, Samir Formal Language Theoretic Techniques to Solve Design and Fault Management Problems in Computer Network Protocal and Other Discrete Event Systems Hart
Rouvellou, Isabelle Graph Identification Techniques Applied to Network Management Hart IBM Research
Seidman, David Routing and Reconfiguration Algorithms for Link Load Balancing in Multihop Networks Acampora
Skelly, Paul A. Characterization and Control of Variable Bit Rate Video in Broadban Networks Schwartz iBasis, formerly GTE
Wang, Clark Fault Detection and Localization in Communication Networks Schwartz

June 1992 through May 1993

Bala, Krishna Routing in Linear Lightwave Networks Stern Tellium
Douglas, Christopher Interactive Digital Video Communication in a Cell Based Environment Stern
Fang, Chien On High Performance Switching Architectures Szymanski
Garrett, Mark Contributions Toward Real Time Services on Packet Switched Networks Vetterli Telcordia
Khayata, Rana Broadband Wireless LANS: Propagation Measurements, Outage Analyses and Network Architectures Acampora
Ong, Lyndon Distributed Control of Broadband Multimedia Multipoint Services Schwartz Nortel (Bay Networks)
Pain, Bedabrata Low Noise CMOS Circuits for On-Chip Signal Processing in Focal Plane Arrays Stern
Sharony, Jacob Architectures of Dynamic Reconfigurable Wavelength Routing/Switching Networks Stern

June 1991 through May 1992

Amenyo, John-Thones Real-time Distributed Scheduling and Buffer Management for Congestion Control in Broadband Networks Lazar
Elwalid, Anwar Markov-Modulated Rate Processes for Modeling, Analysis and Control of Communication Networks Stern Mathematics of Networks and Systems Department of the Mathematical Sciences Research Center at Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies
Gidron, Raphael Implementation and Adaptive Rearrangeability of a User Tunable ATM Lightwave Network Acampora Lucent
Labourdette, Jean-francois Logically Rearrangeable Lightwave Networks: Optimization Techniques for Local/Metropolitan Area Networks and Distributed ATM Switches Acampora
Laporta, Thomas A Feature-Rich Transport Protocol: Functionality and Performance Schwartz Bell Labs
Shah, Syed Ijlai Ali Design and Analysis of Very High Speed Optical Multi-hop Networks Acampora
Uz, Kamil Multiresolution Systems for Video Vetterli

June 1990 through May 1991

Kannurpatti, Raghavan Sample Path Analysis of Non-Stationary Processes: Queueing Applications Mazumdar
Lee, Duan-Shin Transient Queueing Analysis and Performance of Packet Video Systems Meadows Associate Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
Lee, Myung Jong The Performance Study of a Fast Packet Switch Under Non-Uniform Traffic Meadows Department of Electrical Engineering City College and Graduate School, City University of New York
Mazumdar, Subrata Knowledge-Based Monitoring of Integrated Networks for Performance Management Lazar Avaya
Ye, Jing Dong Analysis of Multimedia Traffic Queues with Finite Buffer and Overload Control - The Folding Algorithm Lazar

June 1989 through May 1990

Bouloutas, Anastasio Fault Management in Communications Networks Schwartz, Hart Bank of Boston
Chen, Jeane Shu-Chun Modeling and Performance Evaluations of Fast Packet Switches Stern
Douligeris, Christos Game Theoretic Approaches to Flow Control Mazumdar Dept. of Informatics, University of Piraeus
Ferrandiz, Josep M. Point Processes in Modeling, Analysis and Control of Intergrated Networks Lazar Sun Microsystems
Ghani, Sayeed Decomposition Approximation for the Analysis ofIntegrated Networks Schwartz New Corenetwork
Shaikh, Salman Analysis and Design of Broadband Packet Switching Architectures for Integrated Traffic Schwartz/Szymanski Bell Labs
Wong, Liang-Neng Flow and Access Control in Metropolitan Area Networks Schwartz

June 1988 through May 1989

Bovopoulos, Andreas D. Resource Allocation Algorithms for Packet Switched Networks Lazar
Brunner, Ted A Packet Telephone Service Analysis Simulation and Implementation Stern
Chang, Cheng-Shang Comparison Theorems for Queueing Systems and Their Applications to ISDN Pinedo, Schwartz National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
Chen, Wai Access Scheduling of Data and Voice Traffic on Broadcast Bus Local Area Networks Schwartz Telcordia
Goldstein, Evan Interferometric Noise in Optical Communication Systems Teich
Karlsson, Gunnar Subband Coding for Packet Video Vetterli Department of Teleinformatics, KTH (professor)
Perrier, Philippe Time Domain Optical Control of Self Routing Photonic Switches Teich
Silverman, Burt Implementation, Measurement and Analysis of Access Control Strategies for Integrated Services Digital Networks (ISDN) Schwartz IBM
Yin, Nanying Voice Congestion Control in Integrated Packet-switched Voice/data Systems Stern

June 1987 through May 1988

El-Zarki, Magda MAGNET: Its Adaptive Integrated Local Area Network Lazar UC Irvine (professor)
Monderer, Benjamin Exploring the Space-Time Structure at the Output of a Cochlear Model Lazar
Iliadis, Ilias Sequencing, Control & Analysis in Computer Networks Lazar

June 1986 through May 1987

Hsiao, Man-Tung Tony Optimal Decentralized Flow Control in Computer Communication Networks Lazar

June 1985 through May 1986

Sumitra Ganguly Analysis and Performance Evaluation of Multiplexed Packet Voice and Data Stern

June 1984 through May 1985

Kurose, James F. Time-constrained communication in multiple access networks Schwartz, Yemini UMass, Amherst (professor)
Vakil, Faramak Dynamic Optimal Flow Control in Integrated Services Digital Networks Lazar Telcordia

June 1983 through May 1984

June 1982 through May 1983

June 1981 through May 1982

Ahmadi, Hamid A new Satellite Multiple Access Technique Using Combined Fixed and Demand Assignments Stern AT&T Labs
Gopal, Inder Scheduling Algorithms for Multi-Beam Communication Satellites Stern Reefedge


Yum Tak-shing, Peter Schwartz Dept. of Information Engineering, Chinese University of Hong Kong

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Eng, Kai Stern Village Networks

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