Columbia Networking Research Center: Courses

Course number Course title Next offered Offered by
EE E3701 Intro. Communication Systems Fall 2001 Prof. Coffman
EE E3940 Microprocess Systems Lab Spring 2001, Spring 2002 Prof. Campbell
CS 4119 Computer Networks Spring 2001 Prof. Schulzrinne
CS 4180 Network Security Fall 2000 Prof. Schulzrinne
EE E4702 Communication Theory and Networks Spring 2002 Prof. Coffman
CS 4995 Internet Systems Programming Fall 2001 Prof. Schulzrinne
CS 6181 Advanced Internet Services Spring 2002 (tentative) Prof. Schulzrinne
EE 6711 Stochastic Signals and Noise Fall 2001 Prof. Jelenkovic
EE 6712 Communication Theory Spring 2002 Prof. Gitlin
EE 6713 Communication Theory II Prof. Gitlin
EE 6950 Resilient Communication Networks Fall 2002 Prof. Liebenau (Visiting Professor at Columbia University in the Department of Management of the Graduate School of Business and the Department of Electrical Engineering of the Fu Foundation School of Engineering)
EE 6950 Mobile and Wireless Networking Fall 2000, Fall 2001 Prof. Gitlin
EE 6951 Mobile and Wireless Networking II Spring 2001, Spring 2002 Prof. Campbell
EE 6901 Distributed Telecommunication Systems: Fundamentals and Programming
EE 9061 Seminar in Programmable Networks
EE 6768 Topics in Telecommunication Networks Spring 2001, Spring 2002 Prof. Jelenkovic
EE 6768 Topics in Telecommunication Networks Fall 2001 Prof. Maxemchuk
EE E6781 Topics in modeling and analysis of random phenomena: Probabilistic Analysis of Combinatorial Algorithms in Electrical, Industrial, and Computer Engineering Spring 2001 Prof. Coffman
Other networking courses
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