CNRC Students and Research Scientists

Research Scientists

Danilo Florissi
Economics of networks, active networks, network management, high-speed networks

Current PhD Students

Lisa Amini (IBM)
Video on demand
Gahng-Seop Ahn
Wireless and Mobile Networking
Ashutosh Dutta (Telcordia)
Session control, MarconiNet, wireless Internet telephony
Javier Gomez-Castellanos
Wireless/ad-hoc networks, power-aware routing
Wenyu Jiang
Internet QOS measurements; Internet telephony
Alexander V. Konstantinou
Network Management, Configuration Automation
Sang Hyo Kim
Wireless, micro-mobility and Software Radio Project
Michael E. Kounavis
Programmable networks
Santosh Krishnan (Bell Labs)
Algorithms for QoS support in packet networks
Seoung-Bum Lee
Wireless & Mobile Networking and related QOS issues.
Jonathan Lennox
Internet telephony call processing language
Raymond R.-F. Liao
Economics based service adaptation over mobile networks
Petar Momcilovic
Heavy-tailed stochastic models
Ping Pan (Juniper Networks)
RSVP scaling and scalable resource reservation protocols
Maria Papadopouli
Mobile services and multimedia
Ana Radovanovic
Mathematical modeling, analysis and control of computer communication networks
Jonathan Rosenberg (dynamicsoft)
Internet telephony
Eunsoo Shim
QoS for Mobile Data Networks
Kundan Singh
Internet telephony (unified messaging, conferencing, stack)
Gong Su
Virtual (Active) Networks
Daniel A. M. Villela
Content distribution and multimedia
Chieh-Yih Wan
Smart Space, Sensor Networks, Pervasive Computing, IP micro-mobility support
Bao-Tung Wang
Internet security
Xin Wang
Multicast routing and transport; Internet reliability; pricing and adaptive services
Xiaotao Wu
SIP client implementation; Internet telephony service creation
Xiaowei Cissy Zhang
Pervasive networks; Mobile IP
Weibin Zhao
Service location and directory replication
Zhou Zhen
Internet telephony

Current Master's Students

Knarig Arabshian
Internet telephony (e*phone)
Suhail Mohiuddin
Cubanet & Programmable Networks
Gautam Nair
Internet telephony (e*phone)
Pallavi Nayak
Internet telephony (Java)
Jaekwon Oh
CellularIP, Wireless QOS related issues
Vassilis Stachtos
Programmable Networks
Min Yan
Internet telephony (gateway)

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