Current Visitors

Geoff Coulson (Lancaster University)
Petri Koskelainen (Nokia)
Internet telephony
Gonzalez Camarillo (Ericsson)
Internet telephony
Paulo Mendes
Adaptive multimedia services
Kentarou Sawada
Mobile IP Related Issues (Fujitsu, Japan)
Andras Veres (Ericsson, Hungary)
TCP/IP traffic models, QoS in wireless packet networks

Past Visitors

Kalle Widdell
Signaling and event notification (August 2000 - February 2001)
Huma Jafry
Internet telephony services (summer 2000)
Andreas Rosblom, Uppsala University
Scalable resource reservation (1999-2000)
Sven Ubik
Internet telephony software (January 2000 - June 2000)
Jianqi Yin
Internet telephony hardware (1997-1999, now at Mitel)
Tony Eyers, University of Wollongong
Internet telephony signaling performance (Summer 1999)
Elin Wedlund
Internet telephony (1999, now at NetInsight)

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