Columbia Network Research Center: Faculty

Faculty include
Prof. Ed Coffman EE Performance modeling of networks, internet (web) algorithmic, e.g., scheduling, problems, design and analysis of distributed caching, reservation systems
Prof. Predrag Jelenkovic EE
Prof. Angelos Keromytis CS Network security
Prof. Nick Maxemchuk EE
Prof. Vishal Misra CS Performance evaluation
Prof. Jason Nieh CS
Prof. Dan Rubenstein EE
Prof. Henning Schulzrinne CS and EE Internet systems, protocols and algorithms for multimedia, telephony and wireless services
Prof. Mischa Schwartz EE, emeritus
Prof. Tom Stern EE, emeritus
Prof. Keren Bergman EE
Prof. Xiaodong Wang EE Wireless communications
Prof. Yechiam Yemini CS
Prof. Gil Zussman EE ad hoc networks, sensor networks, mesh networks, vehicular networks, and personal area networks

Former members include:
Prof. Rich Gitlin EE Wireless networking, high-speed networks, digital communications, and optical networking.

In addition to the faculty, the group comprises about 40 PhD and 10 Master's research assistants, as well as a number of visitors. A large number of PhDs have graduated from Columbia University in the area of computer networks and related fields.

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